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an evening of reading the most awful misogynistic articles on dumb islamic websites has lead me to this:

i’ve always kind of wanted to do a webcomic starring a badass muslim superhero who defends women against the kind of stupid idiocy we have to put up with every day whilst shutting up all the white feminists who try to co-opt the struggle.

i actually sincerely want to develop this because do you REALIZE the potential behind a hijabi/niqabi superhero like her outfit comes with a ready-made abaya-cape and a mask so i’m really into it but yeah this is sort of a quick brain storming comic for the entire concept lemme know if you like it.


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so a couple of weeks ago i uploaded a comic about a hijabi superhero. i received a pretty fantastic response so i’ve tried to develop it a little further.

so here’s part two - this time featuring FEMEN, my all-time favorite white feminists whose specialty is talking over muslim women.

PS. her name is Qahera.

I LOVE IT!!!!!

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This is the tumblr group hug. Pass it on.

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Graphic designer Noma Bar has created these fantastic illustrations in which he manipulates the negative space around various shapes.

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Okay so for those of you who actually follow or view my blog i’ll be up and running in a few more days.

What race are you?

Black people: black
White people: 2% Greek, 9.1% German, .0000032% Russian, 92% Irish, 49% French, 100% blue eyed devil
Hispanic people: not Mexican
Asian people: not Chinese

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